How to make a dance?

We can often admire beautiful dances on our televisions or on some evenings. Dance is an art and if you wish, you can create it yourself. This requires not only patience, but also fantasy. This article also does not hurt.

Choosing music

First of all, you need to decide why you still need a dance, and how to make a dance for your event. If this is a wedding, then it should be soft, gentle and show the purity of the relationship newlywed. If it is a party, it should be incendiary, fun, gambling.

The first thing to do is choose the music for the dance. If you yourself will perform it and while you are not a professional in the dance, then choose the music of medium speed, in which rhythms are heard well. A piece of music should not be too long; its approximate length should not exceed two to three minutes.

We train the body

Now you need to think about the possibilities of your body. Regardless of them, you can pick up such movements in which you will look confident.

The next step is the selection of movements themselves.There are several options for the selection of movements. You can simply take parts of the already finished dance from clips or programs, or come up with it completely yourself. Try to pick movements that are not very wide. All this is very easy to do, even with a pen and paper, just recording your movements. If you are not shy, you can invite a friend, and he will record all your movements on video, and you can learn your dance well from video.

Do not forget that before you go on the "big stage", you need to hear the opinions of critics. These may be some of your friends or relatives. They can correct you and help further improve the dance.

Working on a way

Also think about the stage image, if you manage to convey not only well-learned movements, but also an image - your performance will be even better, it will become even more spectacular.

So you learned the first basic tips on how to do a dance. You can also think about the scenery. That is, you think over not only the costume, but also the very atmosphere of the image. For example, if you depict an Arab girl and your dance will be with an oriental slant, then give the guests pillows, decorate with brocade,find somewhere a big fan. If you will depict a man in love, then you may be able to find a partner. And it is not necessary for him to dance. He simply must be present in the room to give you a sense of the audience.

If your dance is a wedding, then there is no need for special decorations, the most important thing in a wedding dance is the performance technique of the newlyweds. Learn a couple of simple supports and your dance will be very beautiful. But for this you will have to attract a soul mate to this venture and be patient. Only by making such efforts, you will understand how to do the dance, already during the process itself. The main thing, as you know, is to begin.

We do only a unique dance.

Only a unique dance will be remembered by your viewers. At the wedding, at the end of your number, you can invite other couples to dance. And at the party you can energetically perform your dance. For example, in the style of Disco or Go-Go. If space permits, you can prepare a number history in the style of Contempo. This dance will have to dance barefoot. And it is in this dance that the main thing: feelings and emotions, facial expressions. We hope that in this article you have received useful tips for yourself, and very soon your dance will delight your guests.

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