How to download games?

In the modern world there is a huge variety of entertainment. In order to relax, you can go to the amusement park, go to the cinema or just walk with friends. But lately, more and more often I want to entertain myself at home, without leaving anywhere, and sometimes without even getting up. For this and there are computer games.

How can I play?

In computer games you can play in different ways. If you have the Internet, you can have a great time playing online, playing with people who are also sitting in front of monitors. And you can download and install the game on your computer, laptop or phone and play regardless of whether there is a connection to the web. You can also buy a game disc and install it on a computer, but this option is the most expensive in terms of material.

But the game you like can be downloaded and installed on your computer. We will talk about how to download games.

Downloading games

So, find out how to download the game from the Internet. To do this, you need to have an active connection to the Internet, since it is from the online that the game will download, as well as free disk space on which it will be installed.It is also necessary to know that the computer must have not only free space, but also the amount of available RAM, otherwise the computer simply will not �pull� the toy.

Understanding how to download games for free, it is better to use proven sites that you have previously dealt with, or with sites that are advised by friends. Otherwise, there is a huge risk of catching a virus and remaining not only without a game, but also without a working computer as a whole.

Sites that provide games for download, a huge amount. An example would be sites, and others. Going to the selected site, you first need to figure out what game you want to download, and select the necessary section for this. The section will provide a list of all games available for download with a short description of them, and sometimes with reviews of gamers. Having decided on the game, you can safely download it. To do this, simply click on the selected area, which is often called "Download the game." Then you should choose the place where the downloaded file will be saved, and click the "Save" button. This will start the download process,which may take a certain time: from a couple of minutes to several hours, depending on the volume of the game, the power of the computer and the speed of the Internet connection.

When downloading games, you need to know how to download the full version of the game. To do this, before downloading, see if it is not written that the game is provided in a demo, that is, in a trial version. If there is no such information, we can assume that the game is provided in full.

Free download

There is also advice on how to download free games. You can do this if the game has a torrent label. This type of download is more reliable, since the game passes a small virus check. In addition, torrent files download faster. The principle of downloading is the same, only for this it is necessary to have Torrent downloading software installed on your computer. When downloading, you can also choose a place where to place the game, and still have the opportunity to monitor the download process.

Understanding how to download free games, you can stumble on sites such as, DepositFiles, These sites provide various types of downloads, including free.This type of download is more time consuming. If, when downloading a game, a user is thrown onto such a site, you must select the Download for Free button, after which the system may ask you to enter a code, and then wait for about a minute. A countdown counter will appear on the screen, and when it reaches the end, a link will appear, with which you can download the game to your computer.

But today it is worth fearing sites that offer to enter a mobile phone number to get the code for downloading the game. Most often, these are scam sites in this way luring money from inexperienced or gullible users. After entering the phone number, you may receive a notification that the user is connected to a mailing list, the refusal of which requires money. And this is only the most "innocuous" scenario.

It happens that registration is required to download a game, but how to download a game without registering? Not all sites require authorization to download their files. If, having entered the site, the �Download� button is available to the guest, you can safely do this without registering. But in this case, the site may be a limit on the number of downloads for an unregistered user.

What needs to be considered?

When downloading games to a computer, you must take into account the power of the computer, because the old computers will not pull the old games anymore. It is also important to consider the size of the screen for which the game is designed. If on a normal monitor it may normally load, then on a netbook or tablet graphics may be of poor quality or the game will not play at all.

If you want to figure out how to download a video game, you must, first of all, take into account the capabilities of the computer. If the game has a high level of graphics, and the computer is already old, the game may simply not be installed, and in the end it will be a pity to download time.

A little bit about installing the game

Having figured out how to download games to a computer, you also need to install them correctly. Do not be afraid if an unusual ZIP or RAR archive is loaded, and one file with the extension ". Iso". This type of file is called "image", and it carries full information about the desired game. To install a game from an image, you must have Daemon Tools on your computer. If it is not available, you can easily download it from the Internet or buy a software CD. After installing this program, a new virtual CD-ROM will be highlighted, with which the game will start after double-clicking on it with the left mouse button.

If the game is loaded in the archive, to install it you just need to unzip the package and install the game. Very often, unzip the file, you can get the ". Iso" image. How to install it, as described above.

The easiest way to install a game is to have its exe file, by clicking on which, you will begin the process of installing the game.

Games in the phone

Phone games are no less popular than computer games. They help to pass the time perfectly in public transport, as well as in long lines. The principle of how to download games on the phone is the same as when downloading ordinary computer games. The problem can only arise in how to transfer the game to the phone. There are several ways to do this. You can transfer the game through a USB cable connected to the phone, as well as via a Bluetooth module. Some phone models, such as Nokia, offer their customers the PC Suite program, which greatly facilitates the transfer of information from computer to phone.

On smartphones, it is more convenient to download games through "branded" stores. For phones running on the Android OS, this is the Play Market, for iPhones - the iTunes Store. Downloading from these resources is secure.

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