How to draw a palm tree?

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How to draw a palm tree?

If you like tropical trees, beaches and in general everything related to the tropics, then it will be very interesting for you to learn how to draw a palm tree. Nowadays, many people associate a real beach with palm trees. But, unfortunately, not everyone has a talent for drawing.

But, we will give you some tips on how to draw a palm with a pencil quickly and easily.

  • We will begin with the earth. When drawing the barrel, the pencil should be held at a slight inclination and lightly pressed. It is important to remember that at first we draw soft and weak lines, so that they can be removed later.
  • If the outline of the trunk is already ready, then we draw branches. First, try to draw the leaves on one branch, it will be more convenient for you to decide what is what.
  • Now draw the leaves. Pay attention to the fact that sometimes you can see all the leaves, and sometimes not. Also, the leaves can be broken or overlap each other. Each branch of a palm tree on each branch from two opposite sides has green leaves.
  • In order to get an idea of the final shape of the branches, you need to draw the weak outlines of the leaves-branches, so if they were already ready.
  • Now, when the palm tree is ready, we take colored pencils and continue to draw with colored pencils (we apply them already on the prepared contours).

That's how simple it is. Your palm is ready, and you can already mentally preparing for summer holidays!

More information about how to draw a palm tree, you can see below.

How to draw a palm tree

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