How to drill tile

Often in brittle materials it is necessary to make holes, for example, to insert dowels. You need to know that for holes of small diameter there are special tools. They are suitable for drilling both tile and earthenware or ceramics. These are special drills. They are of two types: hardened conical and hollow cylindrical.
Hollow cylindrical drills, despite the diamond coating, cheaper cone. However, keep in mind that working with them is very inconvenient, since it is practically impossible to bring them to the center of the mark. The drill should “hook” the material. If this does not happen, it will “dance” on the surface and scratch it. The most unfavorable option, if, sliding off, the drill will be screwed in another place of the surface. Cone drills are much more profitable in cylindrical work - they are drilled where they are put. So proceed as follows.
Choose a special tapered drill. Place it in the markup, press it down only lightly.Do not push it hard - you can damagetile, it will crack or crack.
Smoothly and smoothly, without jerks, drill a hole in the place where the material is marked. Your goal is achieved.
For the future, keep in mind that for drilling the above materials in any case should not use a punch. The effect will be the same as from a cylindrical drill bit: the tile will crack or fall apart into pieces - depending on the density of the mortar on which the tile is attached. A crack will occur if the solution is laid in good faith and evenly. Otherwise you will get pieces. If under the point of drilling in the alleged solution there will suddenly be a hole, thentileNaya tile instantly collapse.
If the tile is made firmly, conscientiously, then there is a small chance that it will remain, but the icing at the drilling site will necessarily break off and shatter into fine chips. Therefore, if you put the solution yourself, do it conscientiously -tiledrilling will be better and more successful.

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