How to easily clean the carpet. The tool is much cheaper than the rest, and it works

Any carpet, one way or another, is smeared over with time and dust is eaten into it, and, without a doubt, it is easy and simple to clean it in a dry-cleaner. But there is an alternative way - cleaning the carpet at home will cost you much less, but it will be no less effective.

So, we'll prepare a miracle-cleaner for carpet cleaning at home.

We will need:

  • vinegar - third of glass
  • soda - 1 tbsp. spoon
  • washing powder - also 1 tbsp. spoon
  • water - it should be hot, and its quantity should be determined by you, so to speak, by eye - do not reach about 5 cm to the edge of the container.

Now it's up to you. It remains only to mix all the ingredients and pour them into a spray. And then sprinkle the miracle remedy on the carpet and brush it off.

Such a simple, fairly quick and inexpensive carpet cleaning at home will help to return it to its original look.

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