How to eliminate creaking in the door

Easiest to loopthe doorsput a small piece of soft graphite. After some time, it will turn into a wonderful lubricant. The hinges will not be afraid of frost and heat. This way you can eliminate the skip inputthe doors. It is also often used for gates and garage doors.
You can also nail a small piece of leather or other fabric tothe doors. The creaking will be eliminated. The fact is that these materials can slightly level the door, if it is skewed. After this operation, try to open and close the door. If the creaking does not disappear, then the reason is looped. In order for the hinges not to emit a nasty sound, it is necessary to apply lube. Grease them with the working part of the loop. Such action must be carried out regularly. The frequency of lubrication depends on the quality of the oil, impurities in it and its purity. You can also use the method described above, that is, apply graphite. It also helps to get rid of the squeak.
There are cases when people use sunflower oil as a lubricant for the hinges. Remember, this is not recommended. The fact is that this product strongly attracts dust and dirt, which leads to contamination of the loops. To solve the problem will need to perform a cleaning loop. Note, this process is quite time-consuming.
If the actions described above did not help eliminate the creaking, then you need to think about replacing the loops. In extreme cases, you have to replace the door leaf. That is why, when installingthe doors, you need to consult with professionals. They will give valuable advice that you will definitely come in handy. Also note, it is best to acquire quality loops. Since, in most cases, problems arise precisely with them. Do not save on them.

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