How to enlarge breasts with a bra

Choosing the right bra

Properly chosen underwear can adjust the shape of the breast, visually lift it, make it more bulky. Choosing the right bra is especially relevant for those women who can not boast of curvaceous, but want to look more feminine and attractive.
Selecting clothes, you must first focus on the desired size. For a bra, the body circumference under the breast and the size of the calyx are decisive. Lingerie, which will be small, will create a lot of inconvenience and at the same time visually reduce the bust, make it flatter. Too large bra will not support the breast in the right position and will be extremely uncomfortable.
Those who wish to visually make the form more lush and seductive, we can advise to pay attention to the clothes, the size of which exactly corresponds to the parameters of a woman.In this case, the cup may be a little more.
Well increase the chest model bras, which are called Push up. Bones are sewn into such underwear. Push up bra cups are padded with a layer of foam rubber. Bones visually lift the breast, give it the desired shape. Of great importance is the way they are sewn. The incorrect position of these components will create very big inconveniences due to constant friction with the body. Poorly made metal bones can scratch the skin if they are not completely sewn.
Foam rubber can visually enlarge breasts by one size. But push up bras have another trick. In addition, small foam or silicone pads are sewn into their cups. Inside the cup manufacturers make special pockets, where they insert additional pads.
This technique allows you to visually lift the chest. At the same time, support falls on its side parts, so Push up is considered to be somewhat corrective underwear.
When buying a bra you should pay attention to how closely the cups are located. Their proximity allows you to give the breast a very seductive shape.

Bra quality

Choosing underwear in the store, you need to focus, including on its quality. High-quality bras can be sewn from natural or synthetic fabrics, but the inner lining fabric must necessarily be natural. Synthetic fibers should not be in contact with the skin, as this can cause allergies.
The stitches of a quality bra are usually very carefully made. Of them should not stick thread. A good bra should not rub anywhere. Properly chosen quality linen extremely comfortable to use.

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