How to escape from the tiger

The tiger is an incredibly strong, swift and agile feline. He is able with one blow of a paw to knock down a wild bull, and his jaws are so strong that they can gnaw through the throat of almost any prey. The habitat of the tiger is Southeast Asia and the Far East of Russia.
In length, a tiger can reach almost 3 m, not counting the tail, and its weight sometimes reaches the level of 320 kg. In each jaw, the predator has two canines with which it kills its prey. Their length is 8 cm.

How to avoid meeting with a striped predator

The best way to save yourself from a tiger is not to meet him. Walking through the taiga or jungle, carefully study the traces of animals. Even an old tiger paw print suggests that you have wandered into the territory of a big cat. And fresh tracks guarantee that the tiger is somewhere close and perhaps already interestedly watching you. The tiger has a very characteristic footprint, it looks like a cat, but much more. The diameter of the paw print can reach twenty centimeters.There may be other marks on the trail, such as litter. You can avoid the meeting by raising a noise by launching signal flares, firing into the air or knocking at the iron.
In no case do not approach the tiger at a distance less than 100 m, and if it is a tigress with cubs, it is better to go around them for a kilometer. Meeting with a tiger is deadly. Do not go into the taiga or the jungle alone, especially with dogs. Tigers, for some reason, do not like them very much and always try to destroy them.
The tiger prefers to attack, jumping on the victim from above or sneaking up from the back. When attacking, it tries to stick its teeth into the head or to break the neck. The striped predator master moves silently, he has excellent eyesight and sensitive hearing. The meeting of a man with a tiger in most cases is unexpected for the first, and not for a predator. Therefore, if you see a tiger, then he most likely knows about your presence and will not attack. At the time of such a meeting, it is important to remain calm. You can not turn back to the beast, look into his eyes or run away. Slowly step back, talking loudly with a predator.

How to survive a tiger attack

Unfortunately, a person has very little chance of surviving the attack of this huge cat. Since the tiger loves to attack from behind and in a rapid jump to bring down the victim, you will not have the opportunity to use weapons. In most cases, when a tiger attacks, a person dies almost immediately from his injuries.

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