How to expand or lengthen clothing: options and ideas for implementation ...

The situation when a beautiful and comfortable piece of clothing becomes too cramped is familiar to everyone. This may be due to weight gain, pregnancy, and the wrong choice of mode of washing or drying. However, the favorite thing can be altered so that it will not only sit well, but also acquire a new original look.

The thing is wide, and the sleeves are narrow? Use homemade epaulets. They can be anything: lace, embroidered or made of contrast fabric.

If the favorite thing has become close in width - use the sewn side inserts. The material for them can be chosen monophonic or in the color of the main product.

Contrasting, differing in texture and color of the insert will not only help to expand the blouse, but will also become an interesting element of the decor.

This is how you can increase the size of your favorite blouse or tunic. To do this, add an insert on the back or shelf products.

With trousers, act in the same way: use the side inserts along the entire length. And both from outside, and from an inside seam.

Early comfortable jeans began to put pressure on the stomach? Make insertions in the belt area in the side or back seam.

But a great idea to increase the dress in all respects. Already want to imagine the same!

Nowadays, repairing and lengthening old things is not so important: in the heyday of the mass market, it is easier to buy new clothes than redoing old ones. But sometimes it is a pity to throw out a favorite thing, I want to update or refresh it. Shortening is often not difficult, but to lengthen beautifully is a little more difficult.

How to lengthen clothes

This is probably one of the most common ways. He looks just great! Add on the bottom of the product a strip of fabric or lace. Color and material depends on your imagination.

A very fashionable trend of this season is a transparent fabric insert. Place it on the hem of a skirt or a light summer dress.

And this is even more radical transformation of the pants. Openwork inserts are placed not at the bottom, but in the middle of the product. To enhance the effect, you can decorate with lace pockets and a belt.Personally, I really like this option.

For girls who love the sporty style of clothing, knitted cuffs will be an excellent option to change the shape of the pants.

If we talk about blouses and jumpers, then there are a lot of options. The most popular of these are lace inserts on the bottom of the product.

Looking at this photo, I immediately wanted to get hold of the same summer T-shirt. For alteration, it is necessary to make a contrast fabric insert in the middle of the product.

As you can see, it is not always necessary to throw away a tight blouse or a skirt that is too short, especially when it comes to your favorite clothes.

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