How to explain that jealousy is destructive

Jealousy and awareness of its causes

To help someone get rid of jealousy, it should be explained that this feeling primarily hurts someone who is jealous. After all, people sometimes feel that with jealousy they punish a guilty partner, although in reality they punish themselves.
Jealousy deprives the ability to think soberly and makes you draw in your imagination what is not, wind yourself up. Someone is jealous of imaginary rivals and rivals, someone - to the partner's past. Mothers are jealous of sons for daughters-in-law, children are parents for brothers and sisters. This feeling is meaningless and does not lead to positive results, except that sometimes it can flatter someone's pride.
The most common cause of jealousy is low self-esteem and an inferiority complex. In the depths of his heart, a person constantly doubts that he is good and that he can be loved, and he considers potential rivals obviously more worthy and fears that his partner will understand.In this case, you need to work on improving self-esteem - this will be useful in all areas of life.
Jealousy, among other things, is based on a proprietary instinct. But it should be realized that no one in this world belongs to anyone. A person is next to another person, because he chose him for one reason or another and at this stage needs him.
If a woman has a tyrant husband who is constantly jealous of any passer-by and even beats her, she should understand that jealousy does not mean love. The husband just plays the owner's instinct and the desire to make her guilty, so that she pleases him, and also to disrupt her inferiority complex and troubles at work, where he cannot satisfy his desire for power.

How jealousy plays against a person

Sometimes girls are jealous of their boys for passing by girls, on whom they cast a passing glance, or to actresses of porn movies. Guys can also be jealous of their girls. In this situation, it is worthwhile to understand that people tend to pay attention and evaluate the appearance of persons of the opposite sex, but in reality this does not matter much.But if a girl or a guy focuses attention on this, the partner may think that his couple has low self-esteem, and this usually reduces the attractiveness in the eyes of the partner.
Obsessive feeling of jealousy can sometimes play a cruel joke. For example, a wife constantly calls her husband and asks who he does what he does. And even if before that he had not thought about treason, after annoying questions his wife might think about. After all, he still does not trust, so what to lose.
If a partner wants to leave, then nothing will hold him. Of course, you can keep a person temporarily manipulated or blackmail, but mentally he will still be far away. If someone left you, it does not mean that you are an unworthy or unattractive person, it just means that you are not suitable for each other and that someone else will suit you.

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