How to fill out a payment order to pay taxes

You will need
  • - a computer,
  • - access to the Internet
To draw up a payment order, you can use any accounting program, including freely distributed on the Internet, as well as online on the sites providing accounting services. Install the program on your computer. Open the main window. From the drop-down list, select "Payment Order". In the window that opens, you need to fill in the proposed fields.
In the field �Payer Information� enter the name of the taxpayer, his account number, taxpayer identification number (TIN).
In the next tab �Bank of the payer�, enter the data on the name, location of the payer's bank, its bank identification number (BIC), and the number of the correspondent account. This data must be in your bank agreement.
Specify the name of the document, its code according to OKUD OK 011-93 and its numbers, as well as the date (day, month, year) of the statement.
In the field �Payee details� enter the number of the local tax inspectorate and its full name.
In the �Beneficiary Bank� tab, enter information about the name, location of the payee�s bank, its bank identification number (BIC), and the number of the correspondent account.
In the appropriate field, enter the payment amount and type of transaction in accordance with the accounting rules.
When paying taxes, indicate the budget classification code. The correct code must be selected from the "Directory of BCC".
In the appropriate fields (101 - 110) enter the data on the tax period, the order of payment.
In the additional field you can enter some clarifying points regarding the payment and its name.
A payment order is subject to execution within three business days, unless otherwise specified in the account service agreement.
Helpful advice
The form of the payment order allows you to leave blank fields.

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