How to find a thin waist


Thin waist - operation or photoshop?

First of all, forget about photos of models from magazines. All the photos before getting into the room are carefully processed by the photo editor, where the extra folds are removed, and the waist is made visually thinner.

Many models make a special operation to remove the lower ribs, which is fraught with serious complications on the kidneys and spine. It should be remembered that each female figure is unique, and the concept of "thinness" of the waist is different for everyone.

Someone is lucky to have a figure, shaped like an hourglass. But in most cases the female figure has the outlines of a triangle (when the shoulders are slightly wider than the hips, and the hips and waist are about the same size), a rectangle (shoulders, hips and waist are the same) and pears (when the hips are much wider than the shoulders).

Whatever the physical efforts, it is unlikely that you will be able to reshape the figure in a new fashion. Therefore, the only way out is to keep the data from the nature proportion at the right level.

Exercises for a thin waist

Normally, the fatty layer on the stomach and sides should not exceed 1-3 cm thick. The normal weight of a person: height (cm) minus 110-115 cm. If the stomach is too bulging or the weight has significantly exceeded the norm - this is a good reason to turn toendocrinologist.

With a slight weight gain one of the best exercises for the waist and abdomen is consideredhoop twist. Before any exercise, you need to warm up your muscles: perform slow circular movements with your head, then with your shoulders, elbows, wrists, etc. In each direction 5 times.

Then take the hoop, lock it at the waist. Twist the hoop to the side and make swaying movements with your hips and legs in time with the hoop. If you are unable to stand, try to start turning the hoop, leaning the body forward (body perpendicular to the legs).

Start spinning the hoop for 3 minutes in the morning and in the evening in a day, gradually increasing the time interval to 10 minutes. Take a hoop with you for a walk: good weather and good mood will enhance the positive effect of training.


No matter how the fitness instructors praise the strength exercises, yet fast jerks with dumbbells cause stress in the unaccustomed organism.Slow exercise combined with breathing practice is the best cure for stress and the ability to follow a figure in a relaxed atmosphere.

All directions can be a real salvation for the organism as a whole.yogis. The more fun the workout will bring, the faster the nasty kilos will go.

Doing exercises, do not forget aboutnutrition. It is better to eat flour and sweets in the first half of the day (before 2 pm), when the body needs good recharging. In the afternoon, replace sweets with dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins, prunes) and nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts). Reduce portions to 150 g. And increase the amount of food consumption up to 5 times a day. Do not eat dry, drink enough liquid. Love cereals and low-fat vegetable soups, and the body will say thank you!

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