How to find out tax arrears?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
May 24, 2012
How to find out tax arrears?

As you know, in our society, taxes must pay all. These are mandatory cash payments or fees from legal entities and individuals charged by the state.

But we are people, and we understand that it is impossible to keep track of everything. They forgot to pay something, they lost the receipt somewhere, they didn’t know about anything at all. And ignorance of the laws does not relieve a person from responsibility.

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Now with the development of the Internet and our society, everything has become much easier. How to find out tax arrears? To find information about your tax debts, you do not have to run to the tax office to the other end of the city, you do not have to stand in lines to get an extract, talk to an operator and explain your problem. All these manipulations are replaced by online service! Go to the site, scoring your data and voila: you have a list of what you owe to your native state. Now we will teach you everything with the help of detailed instructions ...

How to find out tax arrears via the Internet

  1. Follow the link:.
  2. You have come to the website of the Federal Bailiff Service.
  3. On the left you see the vertical menu, point to the "information systems".
  4. In the pop-up window, click on the "data bank of the enforcement proceedings". This is where you can find out information about debtors, both about individuals and about legal entities.
  5. We go down a little lower and see three tabs: by individuals (an individual), by legal entities (organization) and by the number of individual entrepreneurs (individual entrepreneur). Choose the right.
  6. In the territorial body we choose the region of registration (for example, you are registered in the Republic of Karelia with your passport).
  7. We drive in a full name for the individual or a company name for a legal person.
  8. To shorten the list of namesakes and namesakes, you can indicate the date of birth in the appropriate line in the form: "day.month.year". It's not obligatory.
  9. Then the system will ask you to enter the captcha (code from the image) to make sure that you are a real person, not a computer.

You will see either a list of tax arrears in the form of a table, or the answer: "nothing was found by your request".The latter means that you do not have debts to the state. Transport tax: how to find out debt? Similar. If there is a debt, it will be listed here. Here and debts for utility payments, and the loan, and all the rest that went through the court.

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