How to fix the carburetor

Unscrew the solenoid valve. Remove the fuel jet from its body. Unscrew all the carburetor cover fixing screws, remove the cover. Use a thin screwdriver or wire to push and pull out the axes of the floats and the floats themselves. Observing accuracy, remove the carburetor cover gasket. If there is damage to the gasket, replace it with a new one. If there are intermittent traces of contacts with sealing surfaces indicate, replace the carburetor cover.
Remove the fuel valve and replace the seal ring on it. Check the free movement of the fuel valve in the seat and the lack of too much play in the needle of the fuel valve. Damping ball when pressed with a finger should be easily drowned and clearly come back. The fuel valve is not collapsible: if there are faults, replace it. Having unscrewed all the screws securing the starter cover, remove this cover along with the diaphragm.Next, carefully separate the diaphragm and the starter cover and remove the diaphragm spring. Unscrew and remove the fuel filter plug with the filter.
To remove the air damper lever from the carburetor, carefully unscrew its axle, remove the lock ball with a spring from under the lever, then remove the lever. Using a screwdriver, remove the accelerator pump spray guns from the carburetor. Having unscrewed the fastening screws of the accelerator pump cover, remove this cover. Remove the diaphragm and the accelerator pump spring. Having unscrewed the fastening screws of the power modes economizer cover, remove the plastic plug and the adjustment screw of the fuel mixture. A corkscrew can be used to remove the cap. Regardless of the condition of this plug, it should be replaced with a new one.
Remove and remove the emulsion tubes from the carburetor. The main fuel jets can be structurally combined with emulsion tubes or be installed in their wells. Remove tubes and nozzles, rinse with gasoline or acetone, and blow with compressed air. Remove hard deposits inside the nozzles with a sharp wooden stick. To remove the wire from the sensor adjusting the fuel mixture screw, loosen the screw of its mounting.Remove the adjusting screw.
Rinse the carburetor fuel filter with gasoline or acetone, blow with compressed air. If there is damage on the filter screen or it is impossible to blow it, replace the filter. Replace floats and gasket if they have any damage. Having found traces of contact between the floats and the walls of the carburetor body, adjust the brackets of the floats. Themselves floats set of pattern. Please note: improper installation of floats will disrupt the carburetor.
Rinse and blow out all the channels and openings on the carburetor cover with compressed air. Replace the rubbed, broken and cracked parts of the starter with new ones. Clean the idler fuel jet with a thin copper wire and blow it with compressed air. Clean all other carburetor jets in the same way. The diameter of the wire must be substantially less than the diameter of the jet. Otherwise, the calibration of the nozzle will be broken.
To check the solenoid valve, connect the positive wire from the battery to the appropriate valve terminal and the negative cable to the valve body. On a serviceable valve, the needle should sink into the body.Replace a defective solenoid valve with a new one. Replace worn, damaged and broken parts of the accelerator pump and the power mode economizer with new ones. Replace the parts of the accelerator pump, economizer and carburetor casing with damaged surfaces as well. Blow compressed air through the orifice of the accelerator pump sprayer, the accelerator pump nozzles on both sides of the carburetor, the holes for the adjusting screws.
Assemble the carburetor in the reverse order of disassembly. Pay attention to the freedom of movement of floats in the carburetor float chamber. If necessary, adjust the position of the floats. Pay attention to the freedom of movement of the needle of the solenoid valve, at the time of tightening the valve seat, the valve itself, the installation of jets in accordance with the marking.

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