How to fix the registry

Weigh the possible consequences if you are going to fix something in the registry manually. If there is no way less dangerous for the functioning of the system, then use a special program from the standard Windows distribution, Registry Editor, to edit it. It can be launched, for example, by right-clicking the My Computer shortcut on the desktop and selecting the Registry Editor in the context menu. You can also use the program launch dialog for this — press WIN + R, type regedit and click OK.
How to fix the registry
Create a backup of the currently existing registry. All changes that you will make in the course of subsequent work with the editor, will immediately be saved. Therefore, in case you do something wrong, you must be able to restore the registry to its original state from a backup. To create it, open the File section in the editor menu and select the Export item.In the save dialog, specify the file name, its storage location and click the Save button.
How to fix the registry
Use the left pane of the editor to navigate through the registry branches (they are displayed as folders) up to the section whose variables ("keys") you are going to correct. Then right-click the desired key and select "Edit" from the menu.
Replace the value in the input field and click OK.
How to fix the registry
Another way to fix the registry is to use a special class of programs, which are usually called “tweakers”. They will make changes to the registry for you and this will significantly reduce the possibility of errors in the editing process itself. The procedure for changing the values ​​here comes down to answering more or less unambiguously formulated questions, and the main drawback of this kind of programs is the relatively small number of registry parameters that can be changed.
The third way to edit the registry is to use programs that automatically scan the registry for the most common defects. Unlike previous programs, these are not intended to make single changes to the values ​​of variables.

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