How to forget grief

The most important rule in this case is not to rush the healing process. Do not try to quickly get into the usual rut, do not "pull out" yourself forcibly on friendly get-togethers and going to the movies. It is much more useful to be alone at this time and just to rest. During this period, even a randomly spoken word may unexpectedly remind you of your experiences.griefand cause streams of tears and tantrums.
Experience your emotions honestly. Do not line up in your attempts to forgetgriefthe wall between yourself and the world, do not try to hide your negative emotions from everyone. If it will be easier for you, then you can cry plenty on someone's shoulder, knock on the wall with your fists, and complain about life's injustice. All these things are normal, they will help you to return to the usual way of life.
If you feel that you are not able to cope with the misfortunes that have befallen you, consult a psychotherapist. Do not consider this shameful for yourself. If you have financial difficulties and you cannot afford expensive expert advice, you can simply call the helpline. As a rule, students of psychological faculties work in such services.Believe me, they can also listen to you and give you valuable advice not worse, and maybe better than your relatives and friends.
Express your experiences with some action. It doesn't matter whether it is destructive or constructive. Only you decide - to beat the dishes or engage in creativity. As a rule, strong emotions can cause a surge in the strongest creative activity. In such an emotional state, you can start writing pictures or books. With each finished work you will feel how part of the grief you experienced remains in the work you have completed. In the end, a lot of works of art were created just at the moments of experiencing the greatest loss. Recall, for example, the famous Taj Mahal, erected in honor of the deceased wife.

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