How to forgive a lie

Understand how significant the lie to be forgiven is. If this deception categorically contradicts the existing values ​​in life, it may be easier to break off relations with the deceiver than to try to forgive him. Otherwise, the feeling of betrayal will pursue in the future.
There is no universal answer to the question of whether a lie can be forgiven. Each person chooses his own methods, but it is necessary to begin with an attempt to understand the deceiver. If you can figure out exactly what reasons pushed him to lie, it will be a little easier to forgive.
Before you forgive a lie, analyze the situation and try to understand that this fact has already taken place. And no matter how painful it is, it will not be possible to change anything in this situation. Therefore, it simply does not make sense to look for the causes of what happened in yourself - this will further aggravate the situation: it remains only to accept and try to forgive. Remember that a deceiving person went to a lie not in order to deliberately hurt, but in order to hide his misdemeanors, therefore, in this situation, the fault rests entirely on him, whatever the excuse.Awareness of this fact will help dull the discomfort.
Try to erase this unpleasant incident. If a further relationship is planned with the deceiving person, then it is necessary to completely and completely forget about the lie. Over time, the event will cease to be so relevant, and the lie will be perceived only as an unpleasant misunderstanding.
Never reproach a person with this misdemeanor: if a lie has become known, then he will suffer remorse of conscience. Constant reproaches can finally spoil the already torn relations.

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