How to get a commercial loan

There are several ways to provide commercial loans. The most common is a one-time loan when the seller provides you with a deferment or installment plan with the condition of paying interest. The value of interest depends on the price of the goods and is paid above it.
When using the bill of exchange method, your debt for the purchased goods or services is confirmed by means of a bill of exchange, which you must transfer to the seller. The bill is a debt security, which reflects the buyer's debt to the seller, as well as the date and place of payment of this debt. The bill is issued for an amount in excess of the value of the goods, but the seller will be able to receive money on it only after the expiry of the period specified in it.
If you enter into an open account contract with the seller, you will have the right to make periodic purchases without applying for a one-time commercial loan.The advantage of this method is to reduce the delivery time of goods. In this case, payment may be made within a certain period of time after purchase or regularly, for example, once a month. As a rule, an open account agreement is concluded with permanent counterparty relations. At the same time, enterprises can act as sellers and buyers alternately, which ensures that the parties comply with the payment discipline. Please note that interest on the use of a loan on an open account is usually not charged or charged, but in a very small amount.
Another way to provide a commercial loan is to pay the buyer for paying for the goods at a certain time. This method assumes that if you pay for the purchase within the period specified in the contract, you will receive a discount on the goods. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the goods in full. As a rule, the value of the discount depends on the period of its provision and the existing level of interest rates.
A commercial loan may be provided in the form of a seasonal loan. It is used by buyers to create the necessary stocks before carrying out seasonal sales. In this case, you will receive a deferment of payment until the end of the sale.For example, you can buy Christmas items a few months before the holiday, and pay for them in February.

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