How to get a license for the provision of services

Please note: if you plan to provide several types of services, then you will need to get a license for each type. If you have sufficient funds and value your time, contact one of the many law firms that will prepare all the necessary documents and help you speed up the process of obtaining a license. If time is patient, get yourself licensed.
Prepare the following documents for submission to the Licensing Chamber:
- application (with information about your individual entrepreneur or legal entity);
- certified copies of constituent documents (if your organization is registered as a legal entity);
- certificates, certificates, certificates and other documents on education and qualifications (your or your employees), confirming your right to engage in this type of activity;
- technical characteristics of materials and equipment (or if you, for example? plan to engage in educational activities, training programs);
- receipt of payment of state duty.
Submit these documents to the Licensing Chamber for review. Get a copy of the inventory of documents with a mark on the date of submission of documents.
Within 1.5 months, the Licensing Chamber will have to decide on your application. The chamber makes its decision in the form of an act.
Remember, if your documents contained inaccurate or distorted information or if the characteristics of the equipment (materials) do not meet the licensing requirements, you may be denied a license.
If a positive decision is made regarding your application, pay the necessary license fee and receive a license within 3 days from the date of submission of the receipt for payment of the fee. Usually, its validity does not exceed 5 years, but for some types of activities a permanent license may also be granted.

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