How to get a loan for the organization

You will need
  • - application for a loan;
  • - loan agreement.
Pick a bank with whom you want to cooperate. To do this, work with a periodical literature of economic content. It will be possible to find information about banks that producecreditsmall business In addition, the necessary information can be found on the Internet. For start-up entrepreneurs, a good solution would be to appeal to the so-calledcreditbrokers - agencies that assist in obtainingcredita. But we must remember that the remuneration that these agencies take can significantly increase the cost of the loan.
Decide on the viewcreditproduct. The most common typecreditfor entrepreneurs is an overdraft, that is, the provision of funds by the bank to the client in excess of the current account balance. This is the most convenient way to replenish working capital, but this service is not available in all banks.If an entrepreneur has available fixed assets (buildings, equipment, etc.), he can receive a collateralcredit. In this case, the chances of getting a positive decision from the bank increase, and the percentage of using the collateralcreditI am a little less than an overdraft.
Contact your bank. In order to avoid loss of time and nerves, it is better to pre-arrange in a telephone mode a meeting with the head of a branch of your chosen bank or a responsible specialist who will issue the necessary documentation and will continue to provide you with assistance in servicing yourcredita. Then fill in the application for receiptcredita.
Issuecreditnew agreement. To do this, you need to provide the bank with the following documents: copies of quarterly reports for the last three quarters, copies of constituent and registration documents, copies of property lease agreements, etc.

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