How to get a place in a hostel in 2017

Providing a place in a hostel is one of the measures of social services, which is applied to employees, employees and students of some educational organizations. Dormitories belong to a specialized housing fund, therefore places in them are provided exclusively for the duration of study, work or service. At the same time, the current housing legislation establishes only the basic provisions regarding the distribution of places in dormitories, and most of the regulation is assigned to the organizations themselves, which have the appropriate residential premises at their disposal. As a rule, in these organizations there is an independently developed provision on a hostel.

What documents are required to get a place in the hostel

In order to get a place in a hostel, a student, employee or employee must provide evidence of the existence of relevant relations with the organization in charge of which the hostel is located.The formal basis for the allocation of space is a handwritten statement, which requests for a place in a dormitory, specifies the specific circumstances that cause the need for living quarters. After consideration of the application by the hostel administration, a decision is made, on the basis of which an agreement may be concluded for the rental of residential premises in the hostel. At the end of the educational, official or labor relations the specified contract is terminated.

What you need to know when applying for a place in a hostel

When writing an application for a dwelling in a dormitory, you need to know that the minimum area of ​​a dwelling per person living in this type of premises is six square meters. At the same time, the general condition for making a positive decision on providing a place in a hostel is the absence of another dwelling place for a student, an employee or an employee in the locality where the relevant activity is carried out. An agreement on the lease of residential premises is concluded for the period of study or work, if the specified period is known in advance.If the duration of such relations is not determined, then their termination is an independent basis for termination of the contract and eviction, which is directly enshrined in the housing legislation.

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