How to get benefits?

In the present difficult time, certain categories of the population have particular difficulties. The state, fortunately, is not blind, therefore various privileges are provided for the most vulnerable groups of the population. They are charged from the federal or local budget. In this article we will look at how to get benefits for labor veterans, large families, retirees and people with disabilities.

Benefits for Labor Veterans

Consider the procedure for obtaining benefits for long work experience.

  • Find out in the social security agencies of your community about whether you meet the requirements of the title “Veteran of Labor”, as well as find out the procedure for obtaining it. The defining moment is your seniority. As a rule, 35 years of total seniority for a woman and 40 for a man give the right to receive the title of veteran of labor.
  • Prepare a package of documents: a pension certificate, a 3x4 matte photo, a passport and a certificate from the Pension Fund office about what type of pension you are entitled to and what your work experience is. If you have reached retirement age, but continue to work, then ask your employer for a certificate stating that he has paid in full the payments to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.Copies of all documents must be removed.
  • In a social security agency or a multifunctional center, fill out application forms for assigning you the title of veteran of labor and for receiving EDV (monthly cash payment) in the amount of 500-700 rubles. Both forms are filled in 2 copies. The certificate of a veteran of labor will be ready within 45-60 days.
  • Also, labor veterans are entitled to a payment for utilities. An application for its provision can be written in the same place. A specific list of services for which cash reimbursement is provided depends on your region of residence. As a rule, it includes a 50% discount on rent, electricity, heating, gas and water supply. To submit this application, you will need to prepare a package of documents with photocopies: passport, pension and veteran certificate, SNILS, certificate of family composition and account number, which will be transferred compensation. EDV is charged monthly on a certain day, and compensation for utility services is transferred after you pay all utility bills.

Benefits for large families

Considered a large family with 3 or more children under the age of majority, or students in full-time departments of secondary or higher educational institutions.Find out how to apply for such a family benefits.

  • Specify whether your family is one of those families with many children who are eligible for benefits. To do this, calculate the average per capita income by adding the official income of all family members and divide it by the number of people. If the resulting figure is less than or equal to the subsistence minimum established in your region, then you are entitled to a benefit.
  • Prepare a package of documents: a passport, certificates of income and family composition, birth certificates of children, two 3x4 photos of each family member over 6 years old. You will also need identification codes for children, which can be obtained from the tax office at the place of your registration. You should have a passport and birth certificates of your children. Write an application there, fill out the proposed form, at the specified time (usually within 10 days) you can pick up the necessary documents.
  • Next, contact the social security agency with the assembled package of documents for certifying a large family. In the same place to you will issue the information necessary for reception of privileges.
  • To receive benefits, for example, for payment of housing services, you need to contact the service organization, taking with you a certificate of a large family and a certificate of eligibility.The procedure must be repeated every year, because during this time you may lose the status of a large family due to increased income or adulthood of children.

Benefits for pensioners

Pensioners are entitled to a number of social guarantees and benefits, a specific list of which depends on the local legislation of the region of residence. However, for all the regions there is a single exemption on property tax for citizens. If your property has an apartment or a land plot, then you can apply for it. In addition, often in the regions there is a concession on the payment of transport tax for retirees.

  • As soon as you have retired, contact the tax office with a statement on the granting of property tax benefits with your pension certificate and passport. If you are late with the application, then within 3 years you can apply for a benefit and get a recalculation for the past time.
  • You can also write an application for the provision of benefits for the payment of transport tax, which applies only to one car or motorcycle owned by the pensioner.

Benefits for people with disabilities

Citizens with disabilities, as well as families with disabled children, are entitled to a certain list of benefits. Consider how to get them.

  • First you need to get a certificate of disability. This can be done in the medical and social expertise bureau by contacting with a referral from a doctor, a social security agency and an extract from the medical history. You will be assigned a commission, on the basis of which a certificate will be issued.
  • Collect a package of documents, which includes a passport, a certificate of disability, a pension book, a social card. For registration of benefits for payment for an apartment you will need the original and a photocopy of the certificate of title to housing or a contract of employment, as well as a receipt for payment of utility services for the last six months or a year.
  • Open a savings book in the nearest branch of Sberbank. This must be done in person. Do not forget to bring your passport and the amount you need to make on the book (at least 10 rubles).
  • If you have a disability of group 1, then in the social security agency you must be provided with a social worker who will help you apply for your benefits. Otherwise, take the documents yourself to the organizations that provide utilities for specific benefits.

So, we have examined the question of how benefits are accrued to various categories of citizens. You will be interested in our articles:

Now you know how to get benefits. As it turned out, it is not difficult to do this, the main thing is to be patient.

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