How to get experience

If you think very well, some kind of experience may already be available: internship, practice, volunteer programs, manifestation of social activity, a trip to a student construction team, seemingly frivolous part-time pocket expenses. The presence of at least one of the above already distinguishes you from a competitor who does not even have this. So, you already know what a working day is, terms of reference, area of ​​responsibility, you have experience in building relationships with colleagues and management. It turns out that learning (and sometimes retraining of venerable professionals is necessary - and not only when changing jobs or moving to another position) you don’t need anything.
But even if all of the above is not yet available, we must begin once. Well, if you know what you want to get (or get) a profession and already know how to do something related to it. In this case, you should try, first of all, to pay attention to employment options that have a particular relationship to the chosen field. And there may not be as few of them as it seems.In many companies, there are plenty of opportunities for the application of forces, which are simply unprofitable to distract experienced employees, but for a beginner, these routine and little honored (and underpaid) classes will be an excellent start. Not the worst option may be an internship without payment, but bringing the same experience, the absence of which prevents earn.
Problems with work and earnings, especially for beginners, in a particular area will often allow to solve the huge opportunities that the Internet is fraught with. Many professions allow remote interaction, which makes it possible not to be limited to offers within the same region, but with knowledge of a foreign language - and the state. With the advent of the first order will be further easier.
In the extreme case, when the work related to the chosen profession is not in any way, it remains to recall that the bird in the hands is better than a crane in the sky, and focus on those proposals that are real.
For example, in McDonald's, which is probably in every regional center, they take everyone. This, of course, is not the best option, but not the worst. There are other similar options.
Just when the tit is finally in the hand, one should not forget about the desired crane.

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