How to get into the French Legion?

Only in the form of recruitment, the staff of the French foreign legion is recruited from among both French citizens and foreign volunteers who wish. Despite the fact that French is the official command language in the legion, legionnaires can be recruited from around the world. If the recruits do not speak French, then at the initial stage of preparation they devote some time to studying it. Following the principle of recruitment, a French citizen cannot be a legionary, the only exceptions are officers. Currently, the ranks of the foreign legion consist of immigrants from more than one hundred countries of the world. No more than a third of the total mass of legionaries are French.

Difficulties in the French Legion

To date, two regiments included in the foreign legion. The main tasks of these regiments are the selection of new volunteers and their subsequent preparation and training for service in the legion. Eighteen recruiting stations, which are located throughout France, receive applications from candidates.It is not possible to file an application in another country; in order to apply, you must personally visit any recruiting office. This is explained by the fact that in most countries, including the CIS countries, mercenaries fall under the Criminal Code article, and violation of the code is punishable by deprivation of citizenship. We should not forget that neither the foreign legion nor the embassies will provide any help to the candidate. All the difficulties and obstacles fall on the shoulders of the candidate himself: getting a visa, traveling to the recruitment point, etc. You should not also believe in the very common legend that in a foreign legion they take everyone in a row. In fact, for a long time, people with a criminal past cannot get into a foreign legion. Next, tell all about how to get. French Foreign Legion is not waiting for everyone. Selection pass not all.

What is the French Legion, how to get there

The most visited recruiting centers are located in Strasbourg and Paris; it is in these cities that future volunteers of the French Foreign Legion prefer recruiting stations. Strasbourg is very close to Eastern Europe, and Paris is the capital of France.Another circumstance that makes these recruiting points preferable to others is the frequent dispatch of candidates from these points to the qualifying camp. From Strasbourg sending is carried out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and from Paris on Mondays and Wednesdays. The easiest way to get to the recruiting station at the invitation of any country of the Schengen zone or tourist voucher. Do not try to get into the French Legion illegally. How to get there we have already told.

What does a recruiting office look like

All recruiting points are similar. In fact, these points are fenced territory of a military unit. Legionnaire meets all those who arrived at the gates of the recruiting station. Further questions from him follow in French, if you do not know the language, then you need to be silent. After he asks the question: what is your nationality? - you need to answer: russe and provide a passport. After checking the documents of the candidate, they are held in a room in which a citizen arrives waiting for someone to come. Do not worry and be nervous when you find that the door does not have a handle on the inside. This is a feature of all recruiting stations.In addition, in the room you can go to the toilet, sit down and drink. Just wait. When they come for you, you need to stand in front of the legionnaire. Then the candidate is conducted to another room, where the volunteer’s “study” begins.

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