How to get rid of a sudden ringing in the ears

So, if a ringing in the ears appeared suddenly:

- first of all, you need to push the lower jaw as far as possible and fix it in that position for at least half a minute. The ringing will gradually begin to subside, and after a couple of minutes it will disappear altogether.

- if tinnitus is caused by a pulsating nerve, then a few hours of sleep will be a real salvation;

- for some time it is worth refusing tea, coffee and chocolate, because caffeine-containing foods increase the ringing. Not to be rejected by alcohol and nicotine.

Popular recipes to help cope with noise and tinnitus.

Soothing melissa drink

For its preparation it is necessary to take 3 tbsp. l herbs, pour them into a clean liter jar and pour boiling water. It is necessary to insist drink not less than 20 minutes, and then drink during the day on 1 / 2-1 glasses on reception. During the day, the drink should be drunk. The course of such treatment is 1 week.

Walnut oil

It can be purchased at the pharmacy. To get rid of extraneous sounds in the ears, it is necessary in the morning and evening to bury one drop of oil in each ear.

Geranium leaves

The leaves of this houseplant have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties.

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