How to get rid of alcohol addiction?

If you yourself wondered how to get rid of alcohol addiction - you have all chances to do it. Alcoholism is not a sentence.

Three components of getting rid of alcohol addiction

First step

The first is to realize that you have it. It is not as easy to do as it seems. 90% of people who use alcohol, are sure that they have no dependence. And this is the most insidious and terrible delusion. There are several stages of alcohol dependence, from the first minor to severe chronic. And everyone nods to the harder stage, arguing - this is an addiction! And I have so much, pampering and pleasant pastime. Drop the illusions. A person who drinks alcohol at least once a week for the last six months is already alcohol dependent. Then it will only get worse, but no one believes it. Admit to yourself that you are dependent on alcohol, this is the most difficult test that awaits in the way of self-reliance on alcoholdependencies. Further stages will be easier.

Alcohol dependence has two components, psychological and physical. It is very difficult to get to the physical, but by that time a person is already degrading to such an extent that it is often impossible even to type on the Internet and read this article in a state of mind and will. Therefore, congratulations - your addiction is purely psychological.

We have passed the first stage of getting rid of it - you realized that you are dependent on alcohol, even drinking moderately every Friday and Saturday in a row. If you realize - read on, after a while everything will get better and come back to normal, alcohol will go out of your life. If not - hammer on reading and keep up the good work, no one and nothing will help you.

Second phase

The second stage is also very simple. On it you need to understand why people in general drink alcohol and why you drink it in particular? There are only two reasons here - internal and external. The outermost is the easiest - alcohol intoxication as such is not particularly necessary for you, but everyone around them and mostly friends drink, whose opinion is very important to you. In this case, you are an amebic, weak-tempered person, who will depend on the opinions of others all his life.You do not need to get rid of alcohol addiction, but to work on character. A complete person is a completely independent person. Including the opinions of other poor people. The internal reason is a bit more complicated. Alcohol is a hormone reward for success that is produced by our body when we have achieved victory. And here lies the great deception of mankind - the victories have not been achieved, but the hormone of victory has been poured into itself. And it seems that you won all. In fact, at such moments you look like an ordinary drunken underman. A good way to start overcoming both causes is to find yourself once and spend the evening sober in the familiar campaign of thumping friends. It is desirable, at the same time, that they believe that you are as drunk as they are.

Third stage

Well, after that, the third and final stage is to find a good job and achieve victories and success on it. And then, I guarantee - alcohol will go out of your life and absolutely definitely lose power over you. Your life and your success - only in your hands!

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