How to get rid of double chin

Put your hands on top of one another under the chin. At the same time, take a deep breath and slowly lower your head as you exhale. At this time, press your chin on your hands and, as it were, resist with your hands. Perform this exercise 10 times.
Take a pencil or pen in the teeth, hold your chin forward and draw circles, letters, numbers or words in the air at your discretion. In this case, you should feel well how tense muscles of the neck and lower jaw. Continue to do the exercise for 3-5 minutes.
Throw back your head tightly and cover your upper lip with your lower lip as much as you can. Count to yourself up to ten, then slowly lower your head on your chest and relax. This exercise must be repeated 10 times.
For one minute, tap with your palms, back, under your chin. This firming massage should be done at every opportunity.Especially, it will be beneficial if you do it in the evening, after nourishing cream is applied to the face and neck.

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