How to get rid of dry hair

You will need
  • - yolk;
  • - kefir;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • or
  • - yolk;
  • - cognac;
  • - honey
You can treat hair in the salon at the professionals, but you can use at least effective folk remedies using masks (compress) on hair from natural ingredients or homemade shampoos. . The prepared mixture is applied to the entire length of the hair and carefully rubbed into their roots, after which it is recommended to wear a plastic cap and wrap the head with a warm towel. The duration of the nutritional masks is usually 30 minutes, the mask is recommended to do at least 2 times a week. At the end of the procedure, the mask is washed off with warm water and shampoo.
Here are a few recipes from ingredients that are absolutely normal for any home cooking: based on egg yolk, sour milk (kefir), vegetable oil. Recipe mask number 1. Beat the egg yolk and gently apply to the hair along their entire length to the tips. After the compress, rinse with cool water (so that the yolk does not clot).
Mask No. 2 recipe. Beat the yolk by adding one teaspoon of honey, vegetable oil, brandy and henna to it (the last two ingredients can be replaced with onion juice). Yolk shampoo. Note that the positive effect can be given by the simple use of egg yolk as a shampoo, while you can add 2 teaspoons of castor oil or a little vegetable oil to the yolk.
Mask recipe 3. Kefir (or plain sour milk) apply to damp hair (15-20 minutes is enough) under a warm towel, rinse with warm water. You can make such a mask every day! To improve the positive effect in the compress from kefir, you can add, carefully mixing the crushed leaves of the plantain. Black bread based shampoo. Pour boiling water over a slice of stale black bread and, when softened, knead the mush. Leave in a warm place to ferment. When bubbles appear, you can add egg yolk. Use the mixture obtained as usual shampoo.
The recipe for mask number 4. Take 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil and add a little lemon juice. Rub the composition into dry hair and leave for 30 minutes.You can wash off the mask with a mild shampoo, and you need to do it once every two weeks. Shampoo oil. Vegetable oil can also be directly used as a shampoo. Rub it into the scalp and hold it for a few minutes, rinse with ordinary shampoo and rinse with water. When rinsing in water, you can add a small amount of citric acid.

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