How to get rid of fear during the flight on the plane

Learn to relax just before the flight. This will help you favorite music, shopping, reading a book or magazine - time flies faster, and you can escape from disturbing thoughts. Focus on anything that is not related to the aircraft - do not look at them through the glass, watching how the maintenance or loading of luggage.
Sit in a chair more comfortably - you have to spend several hours in it, so look for a comfortable posture, spread out your things. Take the player to the salon with headphones, a laptop or an exciting electronic game - try to disengage from your feelings and do not fix every detail. If you do not get distracted at all, then start counting - just sort through the numbers in your mind, draw them mentally before your eyes, use the relaxing breathing technique (inhale for 5 accounts, and exhaling, count to 7).
Free your body from everything that is sticking - remove your watch, loosen your tie, or unbutton your jacket, buttons on your sleeves, move the belt buckle a few divisions back. Wear ready-to-fly clothing and loose-fitting shoes or sneakers.
Take a sedative. There are special drugs that suppress the feeling of anxiety - it is not shameful to drink the recommended amount of drugs, but you will feel calmer and more confident. Some for this purpose prefer to use alcohol as a relaxant - and this will be beneficial for you, just try not to get carried away.
Use your imagination to visualize your fears. You can mentally draw a huge flying ball by placing all your fears, phobias and bad thoughts. Imagine how the ball is gradually moving away from you, becoming smaller and smaller and, finally, disappears completely. Concentrate on your emotions - if then, when you are experiencing a strong fear, you have a stomach or headache, then imagine that you breathe through this part of the body. With the exhale, each time you clean the body, which gradually becomes from bright red or black purple or yellow.Mentally direct there a beam of light that heals and relieves tension.

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