How to get rid of muscle pain

You will need
  • - Essential oils, warming massage oil;
  • - warm baths or compresses;
  • - the right diet.
Prevention is necessary. Before you exercise and give your muscles a load, try to warm them up well. Do a light workout and stretch the main muscle groups. Increase and reduce the intensity of the load in training gradually. Make sure that there is no constant overload of one muscle group. Keep your back level and your shoulders straight. This will prevent problems such as cramps, aching shoulders and headache. If you have a bad posture, try yoga or physical therapy.
Provide your muscles with proper nutrition. Include in the diet such important substances as amino acids, calcium, magnesium, vitamins B and C. Add to the menu foods rich in trace elements: peas, beans, whole grains, nuts.Reduce your intake of animal protein and sugar products.
Eliminate prolonged exposure to cold on the affected areas. With injuries and sprains, cold helps only for the first hour. For relaxation, take a warm bath with lavender or cypress essential oil. Do this procedure daily to improve your condition.
Make a warming massage oil, infusing half a liter of sunflower oil for 30 g of chili pepper. Be careful. This oil may irritate the skin excessively, so try it on a small area. Massage painful muscles with light movements, rubbing rosemary oil mixed with almond or soybean oil. You can make a hot compress on a muscle with a few drops of ginger oil.
After an overload, let your muscles rest for two to three days. After such a “vacation” every day for 5 minutes, stretch the rigid muscles. Increase the load gradually without stopping with pain. Depending on the lesion, muscle tissue will return to normal after a few days or months.

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