How to get rid of snoring

Try to determine the cause of snoring in a person and exclude all severe cases related to the structure of the nasopharynx or apnea. After consulting with experts, you can try to eliminate the factors that contribute to snoring.
At bedtime, it is important to ensure that the nasopharynx is clean. If there is any mucus, then use a vasodilator drops or flush your nose and rinse your throat with a solution of sea salt to clean the respiratory tract. With a toothbrush moistened in such a solution, you can massage the palate and gums.
Get in a pharmacy special nasal strips that extend the wings of the nose and attach them at night.
A person prone to snoring should not drink alcohol before bedtime. You should also not take sedative preparations, which promotes muscle relaxation.
Smoking can also cause snoring, so naturally, it is better to try to get rid of the bad habit.And the first step to this will be quitting smoking before bedtime. Reduce inflammation and swelling of the throat in a smoker gargling a throat before bedtime with a small amount of olive oil.
Snoring decreases and a person breathes more freely if he sleeps on a low and not very soft pillow.
Try to learn to sleep on your side. Sometimes it is not so easy, because not everyone can control their movements while sleeping, so you can try to sew some nuts or a tennis ball back on your pajamas. This will help develop the desired conditioned reflex within two to three weeks.
Moisten the air in the bedroom, especially in the winter when it is too dry with heaters. It is also important to remove from the bedroom things that contribute to allergies - carpets, feather pillows, pets.
Good effect gives a change in diet. A person will snore less if he reduces the consumption of flour products, milk and meat and, conversely, will eat more vegetables and fruits. Not bad once a week to do a fasting day. This measure is especially effective if the cause of snoring is overweight.
To strengthen the nasopharynx,do some simple exercises 30 times a day: move the jaw back and forth, pull the tongue forward and down, straining the muscles of the neck and nasopharynx, and uttering the sound “and”. If you do these exercises regularly, improvements can be seen in three weeks.

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