How to get rid of spam?

Spam is sending unsolicited advertising messages or other information. This mailing is very persistent, the number of messages per day can be quite large, and it can be difficult to get rid of spam. In global mail traffic, the amount of spam reaches, according to various estimates, from 80 to 95 percent!

Initially, the word "spam" was used in relation to e-mail newsletters. But today, spammers have gone much further: spam is sent not only to electronic mailboxes, but also to mobile phone numbers in the form of SMS messages and in social networks. It appears in blogs, forums, on message boards, in a word, wherever there is user activity.

Not only will you spend a lot of time searching for spam letters among the trash you need the information you need. If you risk opening the letter, then your computer can be seriously damaged: the malware can be hidden in the body of the letter.

How to get rid of spam? There are some general recommendations that will help you protect yourself from unwanted messages.

How to get rid of spam? Email

  • Filter. Today on all mail hosting you will find the filtering option. You need to enter certain addresses, frequently repeated phrases. Next time a similar letter will be sorted into a special folder marked "spam".
  • Report spam. All mail servers have this feature. Select an unwanted recipient and he will be automatically blacklisted.
  • Conspiracy. Try not to "shine" your e-mail where not getting. If you are an active user, it is quite difficult. It is better to send your email address to individual users in private messages. You can also submit your address in public in the form of a picture. This can be done in any graphic editor.
  • Do not read the letters. If you open a letter, it becomes clear that the mailbox is actively used, respectively, the number of spam sent will increase significantly. If you see a suspicious letter, it is better to delete it immediately without opening it.

How to get rid of spam? SMS messages

  • If you yourself subscribed to the advertising newsletter, then contact your mobile operator with a request to cancel it.
  • If you can not unsubscribe, you can contact the service operator complaints with a request to solve your problem.
  • How to get rid of SMS spam? You can activate the "black list" service and add unwanted service phones to it. The service blocks calls and SMS messages from the specified numbers.
  • Never reply to spam sms. Scammers can use your data to steal money from your account.

How to get rid of spam? In contact with

  • Set the "Privacy" function in your profile. Indicate that only your friends can write you messages and invite to groups.
  • If you receive a spam message, be sure to click the "this is spam" button. Then the spammer’s page will be removed by the administration soon.
  • If you received a letter allegedly from the administration, where you are asked to provide your password, this is the work of spammers. Administration requests can only send you by SMS.
  • Make your password more complex: it should contain letters and numbers. Then it will be harder for spammers to access your account and start sending spam on your behalf. Change your password regularly. If you follow these simple rules, you can easily get rid of spam in contact.

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