How to get rid of stress by changing the way of nutrition

Yes. A hackneyed topic, but only because few people still pay attention to it, shruggingly condescendingly. And in vain, because eating in the morning makes up for the night energy loss before the working day and starts the active phase of metabolism. Yes, and eaten at 8 am cake will affect the figure is much smaller than it is before bedtime.
Sugar and cholesterol.
And the body of those who, with a clear conscience, ignored a healthy breakfast, begins to demand an urgent replenishment of energy. Perception of smell, taste, food visualization becomes brighter and more attractive. Few people can resist the temptation of hamburgers and potatoes. Only, it still will not receive the necessary energy: the body splits carbohydrates in the first place, and fats, which are abundant in fast food, are left in reserve. Improper dietary patterns contribute to the accumulation of the so-called “internal stress”: the oppressed organs send alarm signals to the brain, creating additional stress.
Insufficient fluid intake
Water is a universal solvent in the human body. It contributes to the acceleration of metabolism, which activates the work of all cells and does not allow the body to "get bored".
Habit is before bedtime
Even an accidental or deliberate refusal to eat during the day not only does not help in losing weight, but also does not contribute to the preservation of weight, if upon arrival home everything is completed with a large and fatty portion. Such jumps do not allow the body to predict what to expect and when the next time will come so valuable proteins and carbohydrates. All this leads to depression and irritability, shaking the psycho-emotional state to a dangerous limit.
Yes, as it turned out, even the diet can affect stress resistance. Following these rules is not at all difficult, but in a tense period of life, the body will tell you “thank you” for it.

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