How to get rid of the former

Surely you loved your ex-boyfriend. He seemed to you clever, interesting, understanding. Why now he behaves like a not too adequate guy? Talk to him heart to heart. Once this man was close to you. Surely you remember his strengths and weaknesses, the things that anger him, and what he thinks is right. Let him know that your relationship will not continue, and explain to him so that he understands. As a rule, when a girl gives detailed answers to all questions of her ex, he calms down and begins to cope with the grief alone.
Think if you yourself did not pour oil on the fading fire of love? It is possible that parting with the gentleman, you said in your hearts that he did not give you flowers and paid little attention. Thus, you touched the man's vanity, and your former day and night duty at the door of the entrance with a bouquet in his hands. He, in general, does not want to return you.He just wants to raise his self-esteem. If you really want to get rid of the boyfriend, take the bouquet and leave this time without recriminations.
Imagine an obsessive "exu" of your new young man. If you have not had time to start a relationship with another, ask a friend to play this role. You may face a threesome with the former on the street or your new boyfriend can answer the next call asking to return. For many men, the presence of a new gentleman acts like a cold shower - this means that they really do not need him anymore.
If, after all your tricks, the calls from the abandoned young man do not stop, consider changing the mobile number. If you rent an apartment, pay attention to other housing. You live in your own - take a week trip to your parents or girlfriend. Ignore email messages, do not go out on the balcony, hearing his calls from the street. Few people will continue to stalk if the victim doesn’t respond.
Sometimes there are unbalanced personalities who are not just pestering calls and letters. They act according to the principle “don't you get to anyone,” persecution and threats can be really scary. Feel free to write a statement to the police in this case.

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