How to get to Belokurikha?

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How to get to Belokurikha?

Belokurikha is a resort city located in the south of Western Siberia, in the Altai Territory. The city stands among the spurs of the Cherginsky ridge of the Altai Mountains, is surrounded by a coniferous forest and has a large number of modern comfortable resorts and hotels.

From the article you will learn how to get to Belokurikha?

How to get to Belokurikha by plane or train

Belokurikha does not have its own airport, the railway is not connected to this city. So you can get to Belokurikha only by bus or personal transport.

But if your city does not have a direct bus service to Belokurikha, you still need to take a plane or train first. The closest airports and railway stations to Belokurikha are located in Barnaul and Novosibirsk. How to get to these cities, read the articles How to get to Barnaul and How to get to Novosibirsk.

Next to Belokurikha have to go by bus.

How to get to Belokurikha by bus

The nearest major cities that are connected with Belokurikha by bus service are Biysk, Barnaul and Novosibirsk. Buses from Biysk to Belokurikha depart at intervals of from 30 minutes to 2 hours, the travel time to the destination is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Another 9 buses to Belokurikha depart daily from the Barnaul bus station (they reach the destination in 4 hours), and 5 buses from the bus station in Novosibirsk (the journey time to Belokurikha is 8 hours).

Also directly to this resort can be reached by bus from Tomsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Novokuznetsk.

How to get to Belokurikha by car

By car to Belokurikha it makes sense to go mainly from the surrounding regions. Consider how to get to Belokurikha by personal transport, for example, from Novosibirsk.

So, leave the capital of Siberia in a southerly direction to the Chuisky highway, drive along this road to Biysk, and then turn onto the road P368 Biysk - Belokurikha. The distance from Novosibirsk to Belokurikha is 415 km, the journey time by car is 5.5 hours.

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