How to give loans to the bank in 2018

You will need
  • - loan agreement;
  • - ATMs;
  • - cash offices of banks;
  • - payment terminals;
  • - self-service terminals;
  • - Internet payment systems.
Choose a convenient loan repayment schedule. There are such monthly repayment schedules: equal payments and payments for reduction. For long-term loans, it is recommended to choose loan repayment schedules to reduce the payment. For short-term loans - you can choose different methods of repayment. Repayment of the loan should be carried out in the same currency in which you were given a loan.
Choose the most convenient way for you to repay the loan. This can be paid through the bank's cash desk or via self-service banking terminals, in which case payment is done without a queue. If you are currently outside the bank, then a convenient option for repaying the loan will be for you: payment terminals, ATMs, postal money orders or payment through the accounting department at the main place of work. Credit repayments are also possible at home, via Internet payment systems.Depending on the method of repayment of the loan, you can determine the amount of commission that is withdrawn for making a payment and choose the best option for yourself.
Make payments on the loan on a monthly basis, according to the amounts prescribed in the loan agreement. It is necessary to make payments on the loan in a timely manner, based on the repayment dates set out in the repayment schedule for your loan. In case of late repayment of the loan, an additional fee is charged in the amount of penalties for late payment. When making a payment, be sure to discuss the timing of its receipt to the bank that issued the loan to you, in order to prevent the late receipt of funds. For example, when repaying a loan at the cash desks of banks other than the bank that issued the loan to you, the payment will be made within 3 banking days, and at repayment through the self-service terminal located in the division of the bank that issued you the loan - within 1 day.
Contact the department of the bank that issued the loan to you for the latest payment on the loan. The size of the last repayment, with the complete closure of the loan, may differ from the amounts prescribed in the repayment schedule.In the case of full repayment of the loan, bank employees must stamp on your credit agreement with the note “repaid” and certify this mark with the signature of the head of the bank department.

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