How to go on a cabbage diet

With the help of the cabbage diet, you can lose up to 7-10 kg of weight in just a week. And there is no need to follow a strict program of weight loss, there is only cabbage. Valid variations of cabbage diets with different duration and performance.

Cabbage Diet - Basics

Cabbage is indispensable in healthy nutrition, this vegetable is a source of vitamin C, B, P, K, various amino acids, and minerals. In addition, this vegetable contains valuable fiber, which allows you to normalize the digestive process. Cabbage is low in carbohydrates, so losing weight on such a diet occurs in a short time.
For the cabbage diet is allowed to use different varieties of cabbage. Their caloric content is about the same, the least caloric is protein (26 kcal), Beijing (12 kcal), fermented (19 kcal). There is cabbage can be stewed, baked, boiled, fresh and in the composition of soups.
A strict cabbage diet almost does not involve the inclusion of fat, so it is recommended to withstand it no more than 7 days.This weight loss program has contraindications - diseases of the digestive system. You should also remember that the cabbage diet is not very balanced, therefore, you must first consult with a nutritionist.

Diet on cabbage diet

A low-carb cabbage diet excludes sparkling water, sugar, honey, bananas and other “forbidden” foods. You can include in the daily menu green tea, coffee, any fruit. But, despite the effectiveness, the cabbage diet should not be practiced with high physical and mental stress, during lactation, during pregnancy.
To lose weight on a seven-day diet, for breakfast it is advisable to drink simple tea or coffee with one fruit. Sample lunch menu may include cabbage salad of different varieties with olive oil, 200 gr. boiled chicken, lean beef, fish. For dinner, it is best to eat a vegetable salad with cabbage, carrots, greens, boiled egg and fruit. Finish the day you need, after drinking kefir 1% fat. You can also cook cabbage soup with peppers, greens, carrots, onions, vegetable oil and lemon juice.
The cabbage diet is recommended for people who want to lower their cholesterol levels. Cabbage soup is advised to use after protracted diseases during the rehabilitation period. Miracle-vegetable reduces nervousness, headaches, helps to normalize the work of the kidneys, blood sugar levels. Remember that to save the results of the cabbage diet you need to correctly go, switching to a balanced diet.

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