How to go to a fast food cafe without harm to health and figure

How to improve fast food and go to a fast food cafe without special harm to health and figure?

First of all, visits to various points of catering should not be regular, that is, no more than 1-2 times a month. It is better to go to a cafe after lunch or snack, then you will not be able to eat a lot physically.

Studying the menu, stop the choice is on a hamburger or cheeseburger, no bigmak and other sandwiches with the prefix Big, double or double.

Choosing a drink, it is better to stop at a box of juice or a bottle of mineral water, ideally without gas, cola and other carbonated drinks contain a lot of calories and unnecessary colors and flavors.

French fries are a favorite treat for most cafe visitors, but taking care of their health, it is worth replacing them with “country-style” potatoes or any other baked, rather than fried or deep-fried meat.To any side dish usually offer sauces and gravy, it is better to take mustard or ketchup to potatoes, as mayonnaise and cheese or sweet-sour sauces are very high in calories, and the latter also contain various additives and flavor enhancers.

It's dessert time. Give up muffins and muffins, replacing them with regular ice cream without syrup, jam and chocolate chips, which employees of the cafe aggressively offer.

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