How to grow strawberries all year round

For planting strawberries in advance, prepare the capacity, at the rate of 3 liters per plant. Make a landing with a distance of 20-25 cm from each other. As a rule, 3-5 large plants are planted in large containers (12-15 liters), placing them evenly on the surface. Pay attention: at the bottom of the tank there should be special openings for draining excess water.
The ideal substrate for growing strawberries is a mixture based on peat. At the same time it is necessary to add mineral fertilizers. Such a substrate can be made independently. To do this, mix the manure with a neutralized peat, in a ratio of 1: 1.
Seedlings choose a well-developed with a large kidney, with the presence of 5-6 leaves. You can buy it in a specialty store or bring it from your land plot.
Do not forget to water your plant regularly. With a good substrate, excess water will easily go through special drainage holes.At the same time, 1-2 times a month, fertilize with the addition of mineral fertilizers, or use slurry in a ratio of 1:20.

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