How to hang a sweater on a hanger so that it does not stretch and hesitate

  • Anonymous

    Can someone explain to me what a “pair of cold weather is?” And why is the coat hanger on photo 2 lying on the sweater, and the instructions say that you need to put the sweater on a hanger, “as shown in the photo”?

  • Simona2

    Personally, I always do not have enough space for hangers. And the sweaters are in a separate locker. The main rule - do not ram. I made a locker to order, so it is very convenient for me - 30cm depth (as the upper tier in the kitchen, this is a hint to save on the order) and shelves in 30cm increments. So it's easier to get the right and nothing is crushed. A couple of piles on the shelf, 3-4 things.

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