How to help your child overcome indecision

Do not call a child

Never tell a child that he is a coward, even in a joking manner. Otherwise, it can consolidate and undermine self-confidence.

Better help your child become bolder, cheering, for example, by the fact that next time he will definitely succeed.

If you still want to focus on the fact that the child was scared, do not speak about him, but about his behavior.

Remind success

When your child once again doubts himself, just remind him of a situation where he was able to overcome himself and be great.

Examples to follow

Look for examples to follow wherever possible: on TV screens, in books, among friends. Children love stories about other children.

It is important for the child to know that someone was not very brave as he was and could change. And, of course, you are the main example for the child.

Down with high expectations

If for parents the main words in education are “he must”, then it is a question of exaggerated requirements for the child.

Be more realistic in your expectations and desires. Understanding that he does not correspond to your ideals, the child can finally lose faith in himself.

Love is not measured

Indecision goes hand in hand with a sense of insignificance for parents. Doubts arise when papa and mama are loved for something. For example, for good grades.

In no case can not tell the child that you will not love him if he behaves badly. There is nothing worse than these words for a child.

A son or daughter must feel that they have the right to make a mistake and their own opinion, without fear of losing your love.

Discuss the possibilities

Do not scold or reproach the child for indecision. Guilt is not an assistant in this situation. In a relaxed atmosphere, discuss options for how to proceed.

Let the child express his opinion first, and then you will help him. During the conversation, select the best options. And then the next time the child will act differently.

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