How to hem a sheepskin coat

You will need
  • - shaving blade or scalpel;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - needle;
  • - durable thread;
  • - thimble;
  • - sewing machine.
Determine how much you want to shorten the sheepskin coat. Put it on the person whose item you are hemming and cramming, that is, mark the length of the product from the floor. If you want to hem a thing for yourself, then ask someone from close to help you.
Hold the cut-off line on the front side of the sheepskin coat with the help of a tailor’s crayon or a remnant; after work, it will be easy to wipe it off with a brush or with a slightly damp sponge for washing dishes.
Lay the product on a flat surface and cut it along the marked line with a blade or scalpel. You can use a knife for this, but it must be very sharp. Try not to touch the fur on the seamy side. Separate the pile with your hands.
Carefully remove the fur villi that were still damaged by the blade. To hem was not very thick, cut the fur along the cut. To do this, it is best to use a hair clipper or cut with sharp scissors.
Bend the cut to the wrong side and sew a double stitch on the sewing machine.However, it is unlikely to be able to do this on modern household typewriters, since it is difficult to process fur and leather on them, but if you have an old Singer machine, you will be able to cope with this task, you just need to put a needle No. 110 or 120.
You can also hem a sheepskin by hand. Spread it out on a flat surface. Bend the cut to the wrong side and sutured with a secret or stitch “Goat”. When working, use a thimble, as it is quite hard to pierce the center of the core with a needle.
To make the hem look neat, steam the seam with an iron through gauze or other cotton fabric folded in several layers. You can decorate the hem by covering the seam with a leather strap, braid, embroidering with beads or making an appliqué from the remnants of the fur. In this case, your sheepskin coat will become exclusive.

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