How to hide your weaknesses

Understand that if you demonstrate your weaknesses to others, someone can use this information. By making your own shortcomings, you make yourself a vulnerable person. Do not give others a reason to manipulate you, use the features of your character. Let as few people as possible know about your fears, phobias, doubts. For others, you must appear to be a strong, self-confident person. So it will be easier for you to achieve your life goals.
Control your own emotions. The better you learn to hide what you feel and think about, the easier it will be for you to communicate with other people. The art of self-control is not given to everyone. But you have to work on yourself so that the feelings do not prevail over your consciousness. Use various techniques that help you quickly get together, calm down, come to life. For example, you might need auto-training, meditation, breathing exercises.
Do not focus on their shortcomings.Do not discuss with someone the individual characteristics of your personality, especially with a person whom you do not really trust. If in a conversation or some situation flashed information that you are afraid of something, do not know how to do something, do not focus on it. Be calm and passionless. Then no one will notice what happened.
Strengthen your strengths. Pay attention to the development of their strengths, skills and talents. So you will be able to strengthen your position, to become a stronger, whole person. Concentrate on your positive qualities. Do not dwell on your own shortcomings. Think and speak of yourself as a respectable, intelligent, positive and good person. Negative statements about yourself, even abandoned without much sense at the moment of irritation, can sit in the subconscious and make you more vulnerable.
Try to get rid of their bad habits. This will help you not only willpower. The important thing is to choose the right motivation and understanding that some weaknesses do not give you anything but harm. Imagine what your life might be like if you beat your bad habits.The realization that they only hinder you from achieving success in various fields and improving the quality of life should encourage you to work on yourself.
Avoid situations where your weaknesses may be particularly noticeable. It is up to you to overcome or hide your weaknesses. But if you are not ready to detect them at the current moment, do not provoke undesirable provisions. For example, if you are not prone to extreme sports, do not settle for rafting on a mountain river. A person who is afraid to make presentations in front of an audience does not need to choose a profession that involves a large number of public speaking.

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