How to hold the light at home

Electrical work spend the day whenshinee, so that you can work without electricity. The choice of the type of wiring (open or closed) will depend on the planned power consumption, the presence of previously completed closed wiring (without a device for detecting wires, a closure is possible, which will not be very pleasant to experience), the design of the rooms, and, eventually, your other considerations. Open wiring is available at any time for installation, while hidden does not allow quick replacement due to inaccessibility.
The basic wiring is standard. The connection starts from your power pole or from the main switchboard on the siteat home. The panel contains an electric meter, RCD, circuit breaker, fuses and other devices.
Install junction box in each room. The cables from the shield fit it, and it receives power from one of the machines on the shield. All room electricity originates from this box.
Connect switches and sockets to the wall in metal or plastic cups. Cement cups to the holes that are made by a special crown.
The box has a phase (red posting) and zero (blue) that come up from the shield. Take the phase wiring and connect the common wire to it to the one- (two) key switch.
In the open position of the circuit breaker, the phase is simply located on the common terminal and waits when pressing the key to close it with the wiring connected to one of the lamps. When the switch is off, these wires are de-energized.
Connecting sockets is even easier. Take the two wires (phase and zero) from the box and connect them to the pins on the outlet itself. From the same outlet, take the second wire (in parallel) and connect to the other.
In parallel, it is recommended to connect at a close location of the sockets, taking into account the total load of the permissible current, trying not to overload the line.

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