How to ignore?

We are all very different. Therefore, we seek to communicate with some people, and we don�t want to look at some. Sometimes contact with a person brings us only disappointment, pain and irritation. Sometimes we try to build relationships, but this again leads to negative emotions. So what to do? Endure further or stop communicating? Of course, the second option. And if the "unpleasant" further tries to impose its society? Only one way out - to learn how to ignore him so that to stop any attempts to communicate.

Meaning ignore

Usually, people start ignoring someone for one of two reasons:

  • The desire to stop communicating.
  • Desire to show offense, point out mistakes and restore relationships (to teach).

How to ignore a person

So, you decided to show a guy or girl that you can no longer tolerate these antics. How to do it:

  • To begin with, you should understand that to stop noticing a person is a serious matter. Firstly, it is not easy, and secondly, the "unpleasant" can never communicate with you again in truth. It is better not to resort to the method of ignoring for an hour, a day or a week in order to attract someone's attention or point out the guilt of the offender.
  • Before you stop noticing a person, try to get into his position and understand why he behaves this way. Maybe he had good reasons to do so? What if you provoked this behavior by doing something wrong?
  • Before ignoring a guy or girl, ask what is the reason for such a wrong attitude to you. There are situations where you can discuss and forget everything. At least make at least an attempt to talk, because not every day you throw out without warning a person from your life.
  • So, you firmly decided that without this person you would be better. Be straight. Could not establish relationships, firmly tell the person that you do not want to know him anymore. Do not show your anger, just put before the fact. Maintain courtesy. Some people do not understand that before you say this, you clearly thought about your position and are confident in your decision. Therefore, after such words, they will continue to search for communication with you. How to ignore a girl or a guy? The main thing is to be consistent. Do not read this person's messages, do not pick up the phone when he calls, do not answer anything.It happens that the meeting with the "unpleasant" still can not be avoided, if it is, for example, your colleague, you will not change your job because of some intrigue. Do not argue at these meetings, do not pay any attention to this person at all. If she is too persistent, tell me to leave you alone, once and for all.
  • You must be prepared for a siege. When the bore realizes that he has been put to ignore, he will be very angry. Probably, rumors will start circulating about you. Do not hide from friends that you do not like this person, and you are trying to get rid of his unpleasant society, then they will not begin to believe various nastiness that may be talking about you. Just do not try to pull friends to your side, let them form their opinion about this person.
  • At meetings, try to feel as usual. Overcome awkwardness. Forget about etiquette, if you don't want to say hello, don't do it. When you, for example, need to communicate with him at work, try to keep this communication to a minimum. And when faced somewhere in a store or on the street, generally pretend that you did not notice this person.If he comes up and starts talking to you about something, as if nothing had happened, say that you are in too much of a hurry and you don�t have time to talk.
  • Restrict access to yourself and your data in social networks. Privacy settings give you the opportunity to make sure that you are available only to your family and friends.

Now you know how to ignore people and there will no longer be unpleasant, obsessive personalities in your life.

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