How to improve the old life after treason

Treason is a certain critical point in a couple's relationship. Like any other crisis, this leads to two outcomes. Relationships either go to a new level or break up. The positive effects of betrayal, too, are, although less often than negative. But it is considered proven in psychology by the fact that the relationship after betrayal remains virtually unavailable. It has its advantages: the novel can become more passionate, and the marriage - more strong.
Prospects for restoring relationships are different. In general, it is believed that families are less likely to break up, if a man changes. First, women more easily forgive betrayal. Secondly, men rarely think about feelings during the hikes on the side. For them, sex with a stranger woman is often just an option for realizing lustful desires, and not a search for new love. Women, by contrast, are less likely to commit treason, but if they go for it, they seek emotional, intimate relationships.And more often fall in love with those who have changed. In addition, age factors influence. It is proved that women aged forgive adultery easier than young. So if a couple is mature, she is more likely to maintain a relationship after finding infidelity.
Cheating are one-time and systematic. In each of these cases, there is a chance to restore the relationship, but it is different. Systematic betrayals usually occur in couples where the incompatibility of partners is too strong, especially in sexual terms. In this case, prolonged psychotherapy is indispensable. If there is no money for a psychologist, then it is important for both of them to meet each other in matters in which disagreements arise. As for one-time changes, they can only be an indicator that problems have arisen, which must be solved without delay. And in this case, forecasts for the preservation of relations may be more optimistic.

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