How to increase a virtual disk

You will need
  • - A computer;
  • - VMware virtual machine;
  • - VMware Converter utility.
Part of the problem with the lack of space on the virtual disk can be solved by adding an additional virtual disk, although this option is not always suitable. VMware is one of the most popular virtual machines. Next will be considered how to solve this problem for her.
The best and one of the easiest methods of increasing the size of an existing virtual disk can be called using the utility of VMware Converter. This converter is free and does not modify the original virtual disk file. The program creates a new virtual machine and then copies all the data from the old virtual machine to the newly created one. The size of the virtual hard disk in the new machine, you can specify any, what you want. Checking the performance of the created virtual machine, you can delete the old one.
Download and install VMware Converter on the virtual machine in which you want to change the hard disk.Select Physical machine, because the program runs on the virtual machine itself. In the Source Login window, specify This local machine.
When the Source Data window appears, the disks assigned to your virtual machine will appear. Next, specify the new size where Type Size in GB is written. After that, select Destination ESX host, this host may be the same as the source. Specify the name of the new virtual machine. It should not be the same as the original virtual machine, but after checking and deleting the old machine, you can change it. Click Finish to start the process.
The end time of the process of transferring information from one virtual machine to another depends on the amount of data used. After the process is complete, unplug the old virtual machine, turn on and load the new virtual machine, and check that it works correctly. If everything is fine, the original virtual machine can be deleted and, if necessary, renamed new.

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