How to increase self-esteem?

A very important topic today is how to increase self-esteem. Psychology in this regard can provide many answers. However, not all of them are as specific as we would like. In this article we will try to give practical recommendations that will help a person with low self-esteem.

How to increase self-esteem teenager

To raise self-esteem in a child is quite simple. To do this, you need to tell him more often and convince him that he is no worse than others. Let the child know that he is loved in the family and everyone appreciates him very much. But what if self-esteem is lowered in a teenager? After all, as you know, adolescence is very difficult for both boys and girls. The recommendations described below will help improve self-esteem:

  1. Parents should not tell their child that he is “lazy”, “muddle”, “boobies” and similar unpleasant things that can seriously underestimate the adolescent's self-esteem. Criticize not your child, but his act. If you are a young man whose parents constantly repeated such unpleasant words to him, then you must understand a very simple thing: your parents are ordinary people and cannot be objective.After all, not always the wishes of parents coincide with the capabilities of their child. You can be sure that in something else you are a knowledgeable person who cannot be called a “boobies”. Everyone has their own path, and very often children do not follow in the footsteps of their parents, while at the same time achieving unprecedented heights.
  2. As a teenager, teach yourself not to put off important things indefinitely. This will greatly facilitate your existence in independent life and thereby add determination. You cannot have low self-esteem if you know that you immediately take the necessary decisions, fulfill these promises, etc.
  3. Do sports. Very often, the cause of low self-esteem is an ugly body. Register in a gym, sports section or just do regular morning exercises. It will not take two months, as you will notice that your body is changing for the better. And along with it, and your self-esteem.
  4. When you feel ready, try to find your soulmate. And in case of failure, do not be upset. Many people just do not fit together. And when you find exactly the person you need,Your self-esteem will certainly be on top.

How to increase self-esteem man

It is very bad when a man, say, after 21 years has low self-esteem. Indeed, at this time the pubertal period must finally be completed, and with it the stupid thoughts about its shortcomings. However, this happens very often. In this case, our tips will also help:

  1. If you are a girl of such a man (or, especially, his wife), then only you can help raise his self-esteem to a normal state. Try as often as possible to talk about what he is with you: strong / smart / good, etc. With such a woman, a man will not think at all about how to increase self-esteem. It goes without saying that a man will become more self-confident with each passing day.
  2. If you do not have a girlfriend or she is far from the one that would tell you about your merits, decide this question yourself. Find exactly the woman who would support you and help you in difficult times, not “sawed”.
  3. If you do not have a job, find it by any means. It often happens that low self-esteem in adult men is associated precisely with a lack of money.If you have an ugly body - buy a subscription to the gym. Understand that everything is in your hands. And only you are the blacksmith of your happiness.
  4. Meet friends, relax body and soul. Enjoy life, do what you like.
  5. Set a specific goal and be sure to achieve it. Remember that even people with disabilities without arms or legs achieve their goals and do favorite things.

How to increase self-esteem woman

Increasing self-esteem of a girl or woman is often not so difficult. As in the previous case, if you are her husband or boyfriend, say warm words to her as often as you can. Tell me how you love her and how beautiful and smart she is. If you are a woman with low self-esteem, then follow these recommendations:

  1. Put yourself in order. Go in for sports, do your hair and makeup, go shopping. If you see a real beauty in the mirror (it cannot be any other way), then your self-esteem should greatly increase from this. Try to always remain so beautiful and then compliments will pour on you from all sides. And in this situation, your self-esteem simply can not be at a low level.
  2. Achieve good results in school or work.Overcome laziness and force yourself to focus on achieving goals - in the field of education or career building.
  3. Do not forget to rest. In men and women, the rest is somewhat different. Go to the beauty salon, relax, go through pleasant procedures, meet up with your friends and chat over a cup of coffee.
  4. Find a reliable and intelligent man. Togo, for which you will be "like a stone wall."

Following these simple recommendations, over time you will be able to increase your self-esteem.

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