How to increase the volume of milk

Put the baby to the chest at his first request. When the baby sucks the breast, there is a natural stimulation of the breast and the milk begins to be actively produced. That is why in the hospital bring the baby to feed, even if the milk has not yet appeared.
Sing a large amount of liquid. Drink dairy products, teas, compote and juice. Productionof milkdirectly depends on the amount of fluid consumed. Ifof milkit becomes a lot, do not forget to improve its quality, eat nuts, preferably walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.
Eat well. Do not eat fatty and smoked foods, your child may become allergic. Eat more vegetables, with the exception of tomatoes. For fruits, too, be wary, do not eat off-season and citrus.
Try to drink a decoction of 1 hour spoon of dill seeds in a glass of water. Drink a full glass throughout the day. Instead of dill and cumin fit. Pour 2 hours of a spoon with 400 ml of boiling water, let it brew and use in small portions throughout the day. Dill broth not only strengthens lactation, but also improves digestion in a child.
Pharmacies sell special fees, homeopathic remedies and medications. Visit a doctor and consult on this issue, it is possible that you prescribe treatment. Most of these drugs are harmless. But there is a chance to earn an allergy, so do not take anything without an appointment.
Try to sleep at least 6 hours, and rest in your free time. Prolactin, which stimulates lactation, is produced during the rest period.

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