How to patch your jeans yourself?

Favorite jeans? It does not matter: a couple of sewing tricks and some accessories, available from any handy hostess, will revive the flaw in life. The main thing is to approach the process creatively. And if you do not have accessories, you can order it in the store "Ludmila", where you will find a large number of useful and quality things.

So, an unpleasant hole on jeans can be carefully patched up to become invisible, or vice versa, it is decorated in order to become the "highlight" of the outfit.

Natural wear spoils the product at the base of the middle seam, between the legs, where the fabric wears from walking. At this point the patch should be imperceptible and durable, so as not to catch your eye and prolong the operation of the product for as long as possible.

This can be achieved without any special skills, having on hand a couple of patches of similar fabric. Note to the hostesses: do not throw away the cuts left by the shortening of the jeans, in case of repair they will be very handy.So, it is necessary to cut out the appropriate size patches and sew them from the wrong side, facing the wrong side of the product. Ideally - machine “zigzag”, but in the absence of a sewing machine, you can manually.

And if the hole was formed in a prominent place - on the knee, or on the hip, you can build a modern grunge design out of it that can turn the most ordinary pants into a crazy exclusive. And also with patches.

Bright option - a patch on top. Any denim in tone to the product, cut out geometrically, and attached with a deliberately uneven seam, will look like a designer's idea.

Allowable bright thread, not in the tone of the main product. For example, red.

But the real grunge exclusive can be achieved with the help of internal contrast patches. Their secret is that the fabric chosen for decoration is significantly different from the main one, denim. According to the structure, color, purpose - the more contrasts, the more spectacular the new hand-made will look.

Light natural fabrics of colorful summer or even children's colors are ideal for turning boring leg into a fashionable casual.

If you try, you can decorate a pair of worn out patches from the inside and outside. Raznomastnye flaps for this decor as it is impossible by the way. The main thing is to achieve the effect of artistic disorder.

Well, thin lace will make seemingly outdated jeans evening dress. In addition, with a shiny top, elegant clutch and sandals on high heels, will look harmoniously at any party.

Of course, there are a lot of complex techniques for patching and patching. But even a small amount of skill, imagination and effort can turn old jeans into the most fashionable exclusive.

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